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What form of exercise works best for you?

No form of exercise is appropriate for everyone, but STOTT PILATES® exercise is appropriate for most people. As with any exercise method, you should always consult with a medical expert before beginning an exercise regime. A modified program may be recommended if you have any physcial limitations. Everyone from serious fitness enthusiasts to rehab patients, elite athletes and prenatal clients will see a difference. 

What type of class is right for you?

Studio West Pilates offers a wide range of sessions to accomodate all people. These range from private training to instructor-led groups and even open studio time.

Group Matwork Classes

Mat classes are a great way to strengthen the core, improve flexibility and challenge the mind/body connection. You will work with the foundations of the Pilates Method while staying motivated to continue by the positive environment and how great you feel after your class. All mat classes will offer multi-level options to cater to a variety of clients with different levels of experience in the Pilates practice. We are committed to keeping a low client-instructor ratio in order to maximize your understanding and ensure proper execution of technique. Small equipment will be incorporated to keep every class new and exciting and offer you a unique experience each time. 

Max 7 participants per class.

Group Reformer Classes

Using state of the art STOTT PILATES® Reformers, these classes are suited for everyone and can be adapted to all needs. The horizontal gliding carriage allows for a variety of exercises in seated, standing and even lying down positions so whether you are recovering from surgery, incapable of typically doing impact exercises, preganant or wanting to try something new, these classes are for you! Resistance is provided by springs and supported by straps and ropes to assist or challenge you in every move. The Reformer is an extremely effective rehabilitation tool and is a favorite training tool for professional athletes and celebritites. Reformer classes can include work with the TRX® and incorporate some STOTT PILATES small equipement to keep each class unique, fun and challenging.

Max. 6 participants per class

Private Sessions

It is recommended that you begin with a Private Introductory Session. In this session, an instructor will explain the basic principles of alignment and begin teaching you some fundamental movements in order to familiarize yourself with the Pilates repertoire. From this session, you will gain insight into what particular needs your body has and how to address, modify or focus your attention on these during your classes. It also give you an opportunity to understand how the Pilates Method can be personalized to your body's strengths and challenges. We offer Introductory Single sessions, Introductory Packages and if you prefer working on your own specific goals on on one or two on one (you and a partner), you have the option to continue booking private or semi-private sessions to master your Pilates practice. A Private/Semi Private session can include work on any of the STOTT PILATES apparatus to customize the exercises for any individual needs.

Create Your Own Class

Want to work out together with your friends, co-workers or your team mates? Customize your own group training at either our modern studio or at your workplace, school or even the beautiful outdoors. This style of class can tailor to your specific needs and can be both a physcial workout and a learning session to best understand your body. We can take a look at group goals and work together to achieve success.


This type of class is ideal for:

  • Sports teams

  • School Groups

  • Bridal Party Prep

  • Birthday/Anniversary Celebrations

  • Workplace Health & Wellness/Team Building

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